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We showcase musicals each year. It is of the greatest importance that children perform authentically and for that reason all shows are held on professional stages with extensive and stunning scenery. Furthermore, the stimulation of a child’s imagination with new ideas and forms of artistic expression is vital to that child’s growth. Therefore, our performances take place surrounded by a pleasurable and creative atmosphere. We have been featured at several college stages such as the Kraushaar auditorium in Goucher College and the Robert E. Parilla Performing Arts Center at Montgomery College as well as at the famous venue of Strathmore. Our performances have been taped for television, covered in newspapers, and have in general generated quite a buzz. Past musicals and performances include Narnia, Tale of the Golden Cockerel, Jumanji, Dunno on the Moon, Pinocchio, Goodbye Summer, 38 Parrots, Winter Fairy Tale, Thumbelina, Masha and Vitya, and the Endless Summer Ball among others. Here are some photos from these performances: